About Us

About Us

Welcome to the FOM Universe!

Fom is a benchmark in wearable, comfortable and well-being accessories that adapt to the shape of your body, providing comfort and convenience in any position. Designed and manufactured in Brazil, Fom combines design, technology and ergonomics. A combination of technological fibers with a micro-bead filling provides strength and flexibility in one product.

A team of highly dedicated designers, in pursuit of the latest urban and technological fashion trends, along with recommendations from leading health professionals, fuse quality and cutting edge innovation in each and every FOM.

From hand-sketched design, to streamlined modeling for large scale production, FOM products are created to provide fine-tuning for the consumer, where pleasant sensations upon contact with the body makes FOM an essential day to day accessory.

FOM products are timeless and are inspired by the life of Brazilian architect and designer Betina Lafer, partner and founder of FOM. In line with promotional commemorative dates on the Brazilian calendar, the brand introduces 200 exclusive models every year. The FOM permanent line relies on multifunctional products which combine exclusive design with functionality!